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Patients who require a repeat prescription and are unable to get a routine appointment can either place an order via telephone or make a script only appointment - which is usually bulk-billed. If the appointment becomes something other than for a script, you will be charged accordingly.

Please note: patients who have not seen a GP in the previous few months will require an appointment before any scripts will be written.

The charge for prescription repeats if ordered over the phone is $10.00. They are usually ready for collection the following day.

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Scripts may not be written if:

  • The requested medication is not currently being taken
  • Too much time has elapsed since the last consultation
  • Certain "authority" items are required,       or
  • You are not a regular patient of Lister House

In the event that your request for a script is denied by the doctor on, our reception staff will endeavour to contact you to inform and therefore you will need to schedule an appointment.