Untitled document Personal information: all patients’ personal information is stored on computer with password access by your doctor. Hard copies of patients' records are kept until the patient has reached the age of 25 or for a minimum of 7 years from the time of last contact with the doctor, whichever is the longer. All other personal files are stored away from public access or direct view, in a coded filing system approved by the RACGP.

Children and babies: a change table and other facilities for parents with babies are also available on request. Play areas are located in both buildings.

Facilities for the disabled: wheelchair access is provided to all rooms, including the toilet, which has special facilities. A wheelchair is available to transport patients to or from your vehicle.

Complaints: any suggestions or complaints should be forwarded in writing to the attention of the Practice Manager. Complaints can also be directed to the Health Service Commission.  For more information about the Commission, click the following link: www.health.vic.gov.au/hsc/complaint.htm.